Monday, January 9, 2012

the artist + the high line.

today jamie & i made a really, really good decision,
& that good decision was to head on down to chelsea to
see the artist. have you heard of it? or seen it yet?

the artist hit theaters towards the end-ish of 2011
& has been gaining tons of momentum ever since.
everything i've ever read about it has given it amazing
reviews. & not that it really matters, but it has been 
winning awards right & left. & why is that, you may ask?

...because it is just that good. it's a silent film. shot in
black & white. it's french. it's clean. it's romantic.
the main characters are like the two most beautiful
& charming people i've maybe ever seen in my life.
the music! the dog! the storyline! the dancing!
i could go on & on.

...& jamie & i totally did. while the credits rolled we sat
there in awe & silence & then couldn't stop gushing
about the artist for the next several, & i mean several, minutes.

please. do all that you can to seek out this movie & watch it.
you won't ever regret it.

another great thing about today is that the movie theater
let us out really near the high line. a big obrigada to jamie 
for remembering how close the high line was!...hmm. how
to describe the high line? well, you know that idea that if you've
run out of room of the ground, build up? the high line has
turned that idea into a reality. it was this big urban renovation
project that got all of the nyc bigwigs involved back when it
was built in 2009. the highline is an elevated walkway/park
built on a section of old railway that runs through places like
chelsea & the meatpacking district. the high line has benches 
all over & drinking fountains & lots of different stairways & 
art displays & refreshing greenery. because you're higher
up off the ground than you'd normally be, you suddenly
have an entirely new view of the city. it's like you're
in the city...but not of the city. :)

views from the high line:

hilarious wooden pool-side, sunbathing-like seats. we would
have gotten so tan if only it had been 40 degrees warmer.

it was like for the first time ever we 
could see the upper half of buildings:

oh my gosh, what a fantastic afternoon.
let's hear it for urban renewal projects, 
friends, & the artist!
all good things.


  1. I lOVE the high line walk! did you go to Chelsea's market? You know you can see Whitney Port's house on that walk! she lives above her store! chic.

  2. yeah, the chelsea market is so fun! & i forgot whitney port lives there but you're totally right, i need to go back! so great



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