Tuesday, January 17, 2012

the faces of jim.

so...husband & i have been watching a lot of the office  lately. we simply cannot get enough of that show. & you wanna know what the worst best part is?...i think i've got some sort of disease. like a...like a...
jim halpert disease.
what are the symptoms, you might ask? well, i've started making faces. all the time. like in public. like when i'm around real people. like when i'm talking to them. & whenever something funny or awkward happens, i am thisclose to turning towards a fake camera & making a funny face.

like this:

& this: 


& this: 

& this:

& this:

for all i know, it's probably going to start affecting things like my social life & my marriage. then again.....

...benjamin allen frandsen might just be my soul mate after all.

thanks, jim halpert.

a few videos if you want to glory in the faces. just glory in the faces.


  1. hee hee.
    at one point in his little life, burl used to remind me of jim:

  2. oh my gosh burl DOES look like jim in that picture! the face AND the hair!

  3. I was looking for a Jim Halpert face to text my fiancé as a reaction and this was the in the top five results. And I clicked this one. And it was from your blog. Which is weird. My mom really wanted us to be friends.



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