Tuesday, January 24, 2012

a few more web gems from the treasure box.

i am siiiiiiiicky sick little tuna today.
it snowed one day, ONE DAY,
& then i woke up the next day
& my life changed forever.
...okay, well, i might be exaggerating
just a little bit. i have a cold but
it's certainly no fun. BUT (& this
is a big but) i hope that won't
stop the mr. & mrs. from trying
out a new barbecue place tonight!
so. we'll see. in the meantime,
i stumbled across a couple more
fun sites on this here interweb
you might possibly consider
maybe enjoying.

a blog that collects pictures of
those little, little moments you
almost forget about...but then
they turn into the best pictures
of all! seriously joyous candids.
what a fun little site.

lately husband & i have been
getting into documentaries.
here, a list of ten great
documentaries from the maven
of basically everything. all ten
are definitely shooting up to the
top of our must-watch list. 
don't some of them look great?!

and finally, such a different &
refreshing post from one of the
millions of fashion blogs out there
who make you feel like you
need to look perfect every day!.
i feel the way she feels sooooo
often. THANK YOU sydney
from the daybook!

...definitely some good sick day reading.
have a good day!



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