Sunday, January 8, 2012

the forgotten pictures.

i was going through my phone pictures the other day & i realized
that i forgot to share some really funny pictures from christmas
with you four. the first one is from christmas day...remember,
the time christmas was on sunday so thousands of people
everywhere had to decide whether to open presents before
church or after church. we decided to open presents 
post-church, which, in our family, kind of meant presents
weren't opened until, you know, four in the afternoon.
as the time grew later & later & the presents remained
unopened on that blessed day, here is photographic proof 
that there were at least a few members of the family who 
stuck it out patiently, in protest, silently demanding the rest 
of the family to hold strong to the original values & traditions 
of christmas-celebrators everywhere so we could all
just open our dang presents:

& then this second one is from our annual christmas 
eve chinese take-out dinner. i just found it absolutely
hilarious that husband's face is completely dark.
as in, there are not any shreds of facial features left
on husband's face AT. ALL.

have a good day!

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