Sunday, January 29, 2012

moma moments.

last night husband & i took total advantage
of the whole friday-nights-are-free thing at
moma [check out the last time we went] &
it was glorious. the funny thing is, we've
gone two separate times now, for several
hours each trip, & we STILL HAVE NOT
seen everything in thar that thar there is to see
(sorry, i'm typing this out while watching o
brother where art thou at the same time. 
you understand. in a related note, if i could
speak like ulysses everett mcgill the rest of 
my life, i would die an exceptionally happy
woman girl housewife person.).
we did, however, see things like this:

oh em gee oh em gee. a big thank-you to
pretty much every humanities class i ever
took in college for helping me understand
what jackson pollock is all about:

& what an unfortunate moment for this
be-hatted friend to step into the picture:

any of you long, LONG time readers
of you? me. me? you. will recognize this 
painting & its significance...hopefully?
isn't it just kinda fun? so happy to see
it in real life! thanks, roy lichtenstein.

& a few for all you warholics out there
[there were a bunch of people viewing
this marilyn goldie, so it was kind of awkward
to walk out in front of everyone & snap a picture. awkward pose. sorry?]:

& there was this painting that had a built-in mirror:

& i couldn't help but love this. "turpitude."
what a great word. i'm sure he says it
sometime in the movie.


moma elevator-ing:

the evening ended with a trip to little caesars...
our very first here in nyc! can you believe it?
the little caesars nearest to us always seemed
just a little too far away for our comfort...
but we missed that $5 pizza so, so much. those
few extra blocks of walking were totally worth it.

have a great night!



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