Sunday, January 29, 2012

moma moments.

last night husband & i took total advantage
of the whole friday-nights-are-free thing at
moma [check out the last time we went] &
it was glorious. the funny thing is, we've
gone two separate times now, for several
hours each trip, & we STILL HAVE NOT
seen everything in thar that thar there is to see
(sorry, i'm typing this out while watching o
brother where art thou at the same time. 
you understand. in a related note, if i could
speak like ulysses everett mcgill the rest of 
my life, i would die an exceptionally happy
woman girl housewife person.).
we did, however, see things like this:

oh em gee oh em gee. a big thank-you to
pretty much every humanities class i ever
took in college for helping me understand
what jackson pollock is all about:

& what an unfortunate moment for this
be-hatted friend to step into the picture:

any of you long, LONG time readers
of you? me. me? you. will recognize this 
painting & its significance...hopefully?
isn't it just kinda fun? so happy to see
it in real life! thanks, roy lichtenstein.

& a few for all you warholics out there
[there were a bunch of people viewing
this marilyn goldie, so it was kind of awkward
to walk out in front of everyone & snap a picture. awkward pose. sorry?]:

& there was this painting that had a built-in mirror:

& i couldn't help but love this. "turpitude."
what a great word. i'm sure he says it
sometime in the movie.


moma elevator-ing:

the evening ended with a trip to little caesars...
our very first here in nyc! can you believe it?
the little caesars nearest to us always seemed
just a little too far away for our comfort...
but we missed that $5 pizza so, so much. those
few extra blocks of walking were totally worth it.

have a great night!


  1. Just did some catching up on your blog and loved it! Highlights: the photo in this post with the built-in mirror, the pig with the boots, your trip to the Strand which is way better than any bookstore recap on my blog, list of documentaries (Man on Wire is excellent), "I've Just Seen a Face", the Schwarzman Building, and Jim Halpert. So many great photos and charming write-ups. Keep up the good work!

  2. it made me so happy to read your comment! yay! thank you!



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