Sunday, January 22, 2012

our weekend: the good, the bad, & the ugly.

what a wonderful weekend we had!
husband got the results back from those
cray cray big tests he had last week. AND...
he passed!! is that great news or what? now
he has a bit more time on his hands &
never EVER has to take those buggin' tests 
again. such a relief. what else was our
weekend full of, you might ask?

the good:

{a card i'm sending to a friend in taiwan}:

{the chinese new year party at our church. i
LOVE living in a place that is full of chinese 
people that celebrate chinese new year!
it is such a fun, fun holiday. it wasn't until i lived 
in taiwan that i realize what a huge deal it is. 
so when i found out the chinese
members of our church put on a big party,
well, my heart was warmed.}:

{& me proudly displaying my
taiwanese pride at said chinese party}:

the bad:

{checking out the "banned books" section 
at strand. the funny thing is that husband & i 
have both read a LOT of the books 
in that section. oh well.}:

& the ugly:

{a pillow i saw at marshall's. 

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