Saturday, January 7, 2012

phriday photos.

husband mercifully took a few hours off from studying
for his big test (raise your hand if you still can't believe
the big test hasn't happened yet! thank goodness it will
alllll be over by the end of next week. or the monday
after that. or whenever.) to take pictures hang out
with his 7th favorite wife blogger for a bit....a highlight
of the night was definitely on our long walk home (we've
been doing so many of those lately!). the question of
the walk? whether gob bluth or michael scott is funnier.
it was so epic...& we're both still kind of undecided.

...our night also might have included 
the purchase of these lovers:

here's hoping your phriday was phun & phull of stimulating conversation!
like the one we had.

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