Friday, January 27, 2012

roommate fun.

so...after you get married it's like you have this new roommate for the rest of your life, right? so when ben husband & i first started the whole being-eternal-roommates thing, we couldn't help but notice in each other little personal hygiene habits & idiosyncrasies that we didn't know about when we were just wee dating lads.

the other night i was thinking about this again & asked husband, "since being married, what sorts of funny little things do i do that you've noticed?" & from that question, my friends, came a whole slew of priceless answers.

husband's responses, in list form (& i directly quote):

1. "you have an extremely precise & undeviating order of how you get ready for bed every night." [okay, okay, this one is true. i do have a crazy strict pattern of brushing teeth, washing face, removing makeup, etc. etc., that i stick to EVERY SINGLE NIGHT {p.s. husband doesn't usually talk this way :)}].

2. "okay, so, the toaster has to be put back on the shelf facing the SAME WAY every single time. one time i put the toaster in facing the wrong way & you came later & turned it around." [okay, i only VAGUELY remember doing this. :)] the cardboard box is so toast crumbs don't get everywhere. i felt like i needed to explain that.

3. "your shirts have to be folded in this really precise way, with the logo facing out, EVERY TIME." [again, true. maximizing space while maintaining shirt visibility, am i right?!]

4. "you prefer to eat everything in a bowl rather than a plate whenever possible" [husband's a big plate user].

5. "it took me a while to get used to the, uh, colorful language & fervent ways you protest getting up in the morning." [oops! moving on!]

6. & finally, "the soap dispenser in the bathroom always needs to be in that one particular spot" [okay, YEAH, of course it does!]

anyways, after this series of responses the tables were turned, & husband asked ME what funny little idiosyncrasies i've noticed in HIM!

my responses, in list form (and i quote):

1. "you wash your hands after EVERYTHING!" [he really does! when we get home from riding the subway, when we get home from church, when he gets home from school...basically when he gets home from everything!...i guess it's a pretty good thing to do?]

2. "you have a very vigorous flossing routine & you floss in the most unique way i've ever seen!." [i've never seen anyone floss the way husband does! i would have a hard time  even explaining how he actually does it. but it leaves me fascinated.]

3. "you use a knife to eat everything!" [he's converted me. i used to only use a fork when eating things like pasta & rice. now i see the beauty of using the fork AND the knife. what was i thinking?!]

4. oh, the paper towels. husband tries not to use full paper towels, so he rips off little pieces at a time. i know husband has been around when i see this:

for those of you who are married, do you notice any funny little habits your spouse has? i'd love to know! 


  1. Ben's dental hygiene idiosyncrasies are nothing compared to the next-youngest Frandsen brother. Ask him about Abe. :)

    1. How do YOU know about that, Rosalynde?! People spread vicious rumors--it turns out Ben told some of the missionaries he taught in the MTC about my (unique yet highly effective) dental hygienetics, and so on the last night of my mission in the Munich mission home, a random elder on whom I had never before laid eyes nor met wanted to know how I brushed my teeth.

    2. Hang on a second, Abe, you've got it backwards--after observing your nighttime routine, the elders I was teaching came up to ME and told me about your dental rituals! I, of course, already knew all about your habits--which, by the way, I also find highly effective, if somewhat messy--but I had nothing to do with the dissemination of this information!

  2. Oh man do I have list of things Andy does...let's see he snors and to get him to stop I literally have to hit/punch his chest not kidding otherwise he won't stop and he doesn't even remember me doing so I see no harm in it... He washes his clothes like no other (I don't wash my clothes all that often cause I hate what washer/dryer does to the fitting) he has to eat every 2-3 hrs or else it's bad news.

  3. Yes! I love it! Andy, hilarious. & Rosalynde--I HAVE heard about Abe! Apparently when Ben was teaching at the MTC while Abe was there German missionaries would come up to him all the time & comment on how Abe brushed his teeth. :)

  4. Ha! The paper towel thing--I do that too! Must be a Frandsenism. We can blame it on our depression-era Grandpa Hansen, who is the most frugal person I know :).



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