Friday, January 20, 2012

strand-y strand. might know that husband & i sure love our 
bookstores. that being said, tonight we checked out 
that heavy hitter of the nyc bookstore world strand.
i feel pretty safe saying it might just have every book
one could ever imagine.

strand boasts 18 miles of books...which is a lot.
but after being there tonight, i'm a believer. they
had books from every. single. genre. imaginable. 
it was all kind of overwhelming, actually.

but let's get real, people. i mean, the
only reason i ever read books is so that
i can look smart on places like the train:

we had a great time taking pictures
just wandering our little hearts out
all over that huge bookstore. &
feeling very overwhelmed by how
many books we still need to read
in our lifetimes, naturally.

all in all, folks, we loved strand. in closing,
please notice that the picture directly above
tells you the #1 book to read if you want to have
nightmares. thanks, strand, for making all
our dreams come true.

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