Saturday, January 14, 2012

taking our relationship public...the public library, that is.

today husband & i did something we've been 
meaning to do for a long, long time, & consequently
took a huge step towards becoming real people.
we finally got new york city library cards!

that's right, folks, husband & i headed over to 42nd & 5th & partook
in the beauty that is the main branch of the new york public library.

to be honest, i can't decide which part of the library 
is more beautiful: the outside or the inside. maybe
you can help me decide!...or just decide for me.
look at me being all fun & passive.

first! the outside.
gray-white marble neoclassicism in all its glory? 
i'm thinking YES. plus, kudos go to husband 
who waxed photographic all day long.

& stone lions never hurt, of course.

& then there was the whole inside part.
in terms of the whole which-is-more-beautiful?-
the-inside-or-outside-competition, the inside
puts up a REAL dang good fight.

husband & i got lost in their luscious 1st floor mini-museum
for a long, long time. i mean, we're talking hemingway's
handwritten notes for his nobel prize acceptance speech, the diaries of 
virginia woolf, pablo picasso & malcolm x {among others}, e.e. 
cummings' typewriter, the original winnie the pooh stuffed animals,  
original manuscripts by beethoven & an original gutenberg 
bible, among so, so many other things. all for free! the
best part is that it all came as such a big surprise. who knew 
that something as innocent as a little trip to pick up library cards 
would lead to the discovery of such an exhibit?!
not us, i tell you. so.

in other news, lego lions:

& check out this great view. 
the marble walls aren't bad either! bahaha:

other great views:

  & who can't help but swoon over these hallways 
& those lights à la beauty & the beast?

after becoming certified new york public library card owners,
we topped off the {freezing} afternoon with lunch at au bon pain
& a stroll down fifth avenue. fifth avenue is quickly becoming my
favorite street avenue in all of new york city. just so chic, & there's
just nothing like walking down it arm & arm with a boy you like.

& that, my friends, was our wonderful,
wintry, library-y day. have a good night!


  1. Twin lives! Minus the husband part I just went to the Boston city library and loved it so so so much. I even went on a tour which tells you I was pretty serious about it and took a million pictures too! I was thrilled to see that the public library did as much for you down there as it did for me up here. Come visit me an i'll visit you okay bye!

  2. i've been longing for a chandelier like that for several years. i even went as far as to get an estimate to have a carpenter friend of mine make one. someday.

  3. a chandelier like that in a house would be amazing!



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