Friday, January 13, 2012

normal things.

there are some things in life that remain a complete mystery to me.
the whole feathers in the hair trend is one of them. how 
grease EVER slipped by with only a PG rating is another.
don't get me wrong. i mean, i'd like to understand why these things
are the way they are. i want to understand them. & one day
perhaps i will understand them. but i just haven't yet.
{speaking of which, if anyone ever wants to explain these 
great mysteries of life to me, please, feel free to do so.}

on the other hand, there are a few things in life that just
seem to make perfect sense. the lending library comes
to mind. lemonade does as well.
one other thing that makes a lot of sense? 
a hamburger & french fry date with husband
to celebrate the end of his big exams.

{i love catching husband mid-chew in 
pictures. no, really. i think it's great fun.}


i let mr. test-finisher choose not only our dinner location
but our treat for the night as well. his choice? "candy." so.
after hammies & fries it was off to survey the sweets.
we take our treats VERY. SERIOUSLY. around
here, so it took quite a long time to look & decide.

there was looking...

& deciding...

& more looking...

& more deciding...

i'll let you, dear reader, take a guess as to whether or not we
finally ever made a decision on candy & headed home. 
for all you know, we could still be there in the candy aisle. :)

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