Thursday, January 12, 2012

travel secrets.

i recently came across this advice from rachel zoe:

"while vacationing, one is presented with the prime 
opportunity to experiment a little bit with their style. 
after all, you’re free from the reins of your daily routine, 
and thus, have nothing to lose dressing outside of the 
box. if there is a jet-setting trip on your horizon, 
consider packing an unexpected accessory!"

how sneaky is that! i feel like i've felt this way 
while packing for/being on vacation & never 
consciously realized it...but rachel hit the nail
right on the head. now, i realize it's the dead
of winter {*note to self: try to acclimate to
new york winters sometime in the near future},
but doesn't the idea of stepping out of the box
in platform sandals, sunglasses, light silk 
turbans, flowy long dresses or anything
this girl wears make you want
to hop a plane RIGHT NOW & jet off
to st. barts or the turks & caicos?
you'd be all miss incognito vacationer!

in other news, it rained today.

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