Tuesday, January 17, 2012

two movies that make me REALLY HAPPY.

the other night husband & i watched our newly owned
(a mucho big thank you to target for being an enthusiastic 
purveyor of $5 dvds!) copy of across the universe
& while it has its trippy moments, this movie's delightful
use of beatles songs throughout definitely has its winning
moments. take, for example, the part where jude sings
"i've just seen a face" at the bowling alley when he's 
starting to fall in love with what's her bucket lucy. 
just such a charming song. how can you not love it?
kinda makes one wish he was in love with him or her:

this song also has lots & lots of meaning to husband 
& myself. we were thisclose to dancing to it at our 
wedding, but then it was a little too fast paced & 
we weren't sure how to dance to it. isn't that funny?

okay, & the other movie that is making me really happy
 is this little guy from the golden globes last night. 
now, if you've watched awards shows before you know 
that when stars people come out to announce the
winners of different categories, it tends to be pretty
awkward as they struggle reading forced jokes
from the teleprompter. but! one time last night that
didn't happen! check out william h. macy &
felicity huffman as they whip up this amazing, simply
amazing bit to introduce a category...i think it was a
best actress award? anyways. the best part?...
they've been married for almost 15 years! so cute:

can't you just imagine them sitting at home writing out those
little lyrics & practicing them together? love it!
have a great night!

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