Tuesday, February 28, 2012

raspberry + ice cream.

tonight we had a treat that felt as fresh & cool as a
summer night [goodness gracious, how great do
 spring & summer sound right about now?].

we couldn't help but snap a few quick ones of
those bright, sweet raspberries all nestled
together like little baby birds. & the way they
looked against the vanilla bean ice cream!
too many pretty colors, i tell you, just 
TOO MANY...okay, well just two colors,
but work with me.

wanna know a really, really good
way to eat fresh berries & ice cream? 
let the ice cream get pretty good &
melted...we're talkin' like, almost
liquid here. husband doesn't like 
when this happens to his ice cream
but i love it, because when you 
 gather up a berry & some melted 
ice cream on your spoon, hold on
to your hats because it is like a 
bite straight out of heaven.

next item on our list? make a little date
out of it & step a-WAY from the homework
for five minutes, SHEESH (i'm lookin'
at you, condensed matter problem set, & 
don't think i've forgotten you either,
20,000 leagues under the sea). 
we then turned on some swan lake (some
might find this music too tempestuous
for a date night, but we just find it beautiful) 
& explore all the different camera 
colors & settings on my phone (who 
knew that little guy could do some sepia! 
not us, until five minutes ago!)

& this is when we were REALLY
getting into the swan lake music:

here's to ten minute date nights!
& swan lake, & raspberries,
& all the colors of a camera phone rainbow

Monday, February 27, 2012

missed the oscars?

no worries.

this slideshow does a really good job covering
pretty much everything you need to know about
the 2012 academy awards. you'll read about the
good (christopher plummer!), the bad (kim jong 
il's ashes being spilled on ryan seacrest!?) & the 
ugly (um...angelina jolie's pose, anyone? who 
stands like that?). it's quick, it's painless, you'll
 know what everybody all those celebrity blogs 
& magazines will be talking about for the next
several days hours.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

visionless in yellow.


had a teensy little photo shoot [in front of an actually
pretty crummy wall, now that i look back at these 
pictures! whoopsy doodle] after church today. the 
weather was just so beautiful & sunny i we couldn't
resist!...even though we ended up taking pictures NOT
in the sun, but in the shade, so the lighting would be better.
isn't that funny how things like that work out?

& now i'm off to continue watching the oscars
with husband. goshy gosh i'm such a sucker
for these awards shows! but what i really should
be doing is cracking open some books. my
reading this week? the island of dr. moreau,
the sun also rises, & the aeneid. as usual,
two down...one epic to go. *sigh* happy 
reading to you & yours!...or happy watching
of the oscars, either one. 

p.s. i've been warning husband for weeks that 
when the artist comes out on DVD, i will
buy when i have a visual. :)

i vow to make a blog post.

so...i don't know how other people do it
in their families, but my family kinda really
believes that birthdays require a good
several days of celebration. which, you can
never go wrong with, am i right? hence--in the
true spirit of the alan & rene whipple clan--
last night found ben & i continuing on in his
big 2-5 birthday celebration by popping on
over to the sweet little bakery crumbs...also
known as our most current sugar obsession.
cupcake flavors on the menu this time around?
white hot chocolate, dark chocolate, & 
brownie. we got there right before they closed 
& it just so happened that we were the only 
two people in the joint. on that note, here's 
ben with said purchased birthday cupcakes 
in the bakery, being embarrassed
to pose in front of the cashier ladies &
the guy mopping in the corner. you can't
see any of them in this picture BUT you 
can tell from husband's body language that

(i feel the need to explain that ben didn't eat
all the cupcakes, but that we shared them?)

in other husband birthday news, my sister-in-law
wrote some incredibly sweet things about the big
guy over on her blog. check it out! plus, aren't
those baby pictures of husband just a precious
little hoot & holler?! those pictures themselves
are worth a trip over to gabrielle's blog. thanks,
gabrielle! lovely post. lovely pictures.

in conclusion (& i promise, it really is, no more
birthday news around here for a while), 
how else did ben celebrate that
ever-popular, ever-illustrious second
day after his birthday, you  might ask?...

...surprising me with clean & folded laundry, of course!
i mean, TAAAAAAALK about a hoot & holler.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

seen on the mean streets of new york city.

if one was to visit/live in new york city, here are some of the things he/she might happen to see on the mean streets:

lots & lots of wonderful asians with their domo-belia. man. those taiwanese LOVED their domo. i particularly liked seeing him in backpack form in a subway station:

who was this lady? i haven't the foggiest idea! alls i know was that i was really, REALLY liking her clothes. he tight color, the long, arguably decadent coat, the hair ...i never saw her face. she could be 50. in which case, more power to her, you know?

dog walkers are as common a sight in nyc as domo is in taiwan. & can you believe that this was actually quite a tame (excuse the pun?) gathering of dogs? i've seen walkers with bunches more. (*note to self: take a picture of a dog walker with hundreds of dogs to share with my 3 readers*)

the people at ben & jerry's are real nice. like, almost too nice?:

if you were married to me at around four o'clock last friday afternoon when you met up with me after my jog, 
this is the sight you would have seen:

if you were married to me around seven o'clock last sunday evening, this is what you would have seen:

maybe it's just me, but is there any last name on this list i had to look through at work that seems particularly,  uh, extreme to you?

if you were married to ben around 6:45 tonight, you would have been greeted after class by this sight:

& this stalwart-y:

& if you were married to ben around 7:00 this evening, you would have accompanied him to his cubicle (do you know they give phd students their own cubicles at columbia? it almost, ALMOST makes me want to
study physics at a phd level at columbia :)

& this little picture i gave him a while ago to make everything more spicy:

& then i tried to, you know, just really lay down some roots in the physics room:

&, in conclusion, just in case husband or anyone else ever got lost among(st) the cubicles, there would be a light to show them the way:

 & now i bid you farewell, from the mean streets of new york.

happy birthday ben! 2-5! 2-5! 2-5!

so husband & i were both up to our necks in some of those daily grind-y things today...yet in the midst of all of that were lucky enough to manage to remember it was a certain someone's birthday!..benjamin's! [we decided to wait until this weekend, when we both would have more time, to truly celebrate with a movie, dinner, or dessert--or a combination of the three. the possibilities are endless, am i right? so what you'll see in this post is kind of like...like a warm-up celebration.]

...okay, so, first of all, something about me is that when it comes to gifts for husband, i'll buy a bunch for him a few weeks in advance & then sit around so excited that i usually end up handing over most of them before it's even his birthday...or christmas. this time wasn't too different. i gave him a pair of winter boots a couple weeks ago that were supposed to be for today, but i just couldn't wait! plus it was snowing that day & i couldn't watch him trudge up to campus in canvas vans. so. BUT. i did manage to wait just long enough that i did have a few doodads to surprise him with tonight.

the other thing about me is that i didn't have any time these past few weeks to wrap husband's gifts before tonight, & then i was so excited that i didn't even wrap the gifts very well. you guys, it was bad. how bad, you might ask? i ended up just folding them in tissue paper. tissue paper! there wasn't even any tape!

[even better? husband's crossed legs. YES.]

& now i feel like i've given you all this build-up & intro to these delightful birthday gifts & now you're just pulling out your hair to know what they are...& they're only so-so! so. prepare yourself emotionally & might i suggest gluing your hair back on your head:

a little batman begins & the dark knight

& a little lord of the rings trilogy! which is, even i have to admit, a good investment: 

five movies! wowza! & let's not forget those winter boots. :) but seriously, my strategy for buying gifts? when in doubt, get them MOVIES. ask any member of my family!

happy birthday, husband! you're a dream come true. now let's fire up the old T.V. for some movie marathons!

& then i was reminded.

so posting about ben in all his physics-ness below reminded me that i haven't informed you three yet of the most physics-ness of all physics-ness!

i'll give you three hints. & here they are:




..."but wait, o 7th phavorite blogger of mine!" you cry. "what do images of disney characters & the phormidable phacade of hogwarts have anything to with physics?" well. i'll tell you, my phriend. in just a few weeks a one ben phrandsen will be speaking & presenting research at TMS 2012, [a big physics conpherence also known as the minerals, metals, & materials society]. said conpherence will be held in none other than orlando, phlorida, & none other than your 7th phavorite blogger & ben phrandsen's #1 partner in crime will be tagging along for some serious theme parking!...before & aphter the conpherence, of course. we couldn't be more excited. i haven't been to disneyworld in years, & it'll be ben phrandsen's phirst time! we might even be hitting up some harry potter world & other goodies along the way. so that, in a nutshell, is our phun physics news! pharewell!

wake up in the morning feelin' like ben frandsen.

a day in the life of husband...

...generally goes something like this:

so...now you know.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

heelz & treatz.

today was a running-around-all-day kind of day.
work, work event, church activity...i feel like
wearing heels might not have been the smartest
decision for this running-around-all-day day, &
i feel like i haven't eaten anything but treats lately,
but there's always tomorrow to change silly 
things like that, right?...RIGHT?!

& here i am, trying to channel all my feelings
about things like feet hurting & sugar highs
through the medium of dance. i have to
admit, i might have been singing this song in
my head while holding this focused pose.

...in other good news of the day, 
i just love getting letters from dear taiwan 
friends! it just always makes my day.

PLUS...WOW that glee winter finale! am i right?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

desserts desserts.

tonight husband & i threw a wonderful little dessert party.
we tossed out an invite to as many friends as we
could think of, & to our delight, they all managed to
fit snugly into our little apartment (trust me, space was
 THE number one thing we were worried about...
welcome to new york city apartments, i guess!)!

we baked & cleaned & cleaned & baked
most of the weekend, & lots of multitasking
& planning happened to get multiple treats
all done at the same time PLUS get the
house decently clean, but everything pretty 
much came together in the end. i was
able to snap a few quick pictures of
some of the treats before people came,
& now there's just one question left to ask:
aren't desserts pretty??? 

a few of the sweets we served tonight:

red velvet cupcakes with 
cream cheese frosting
(like little white witch hats!):

cake batter fudge:

chocolate-covered strawberries
(okay, okay, the chocolate on
most of these berries is hideous,
but these babies were a HIT!
all gone by the end):

scotcheroos (i mean, OF
COURSE, am i right? a 
whipple/frandsen party 
without scotcheroos is
like...like...a "glee" episode
with no musical numbers.
it just doesn't happen):

we also had plain strawberries
(with a big bowl of sugar for the 
option of dipping, obvi), sparkly drinks, 
& sea salt brownies. phew!

 it's now 11:45, the dishes
are done, bon iver is quietly
playing...& we realized we 
never actually ate dinner.
hey! husband!...top ramen?

...oh, & i ALMOST FORGOT 
to mention! a neighbor DEFINITELY
called the police on us. for a mormon
party? with no alcohol? at 8:45 PM?
really, fellow tenant? really?

...that is all.

Friday, February 17, 2012

in which we surprise each other.

husband has been singing a lot of newsies lately. a lot of times what happens is he'll be doing homework & suddenly ask me to play "that king of new york song." & then i'll gladly hit up the youtube-y & husband just sings along like the happiest of singing clams. well, imagine his joy & surprise when i came home a few days ago with a great, grand, & glorious surprise:

[thank you $7 dvd rack at target! YOU know what i'm talking about.]

well, i kept meaning to go pick up tina fey's new book (-ish, it's been out for a while now, i suppose) & i just hadn't gotten around to it yet--although i talked about it a lot. well, imagine my surprise when husband came home today with tina's little book in his hands! hopefully i can find some time, some day, to carve out a little time to read it. but MARK MY WORDS. whenever that day is...it will be a good day.

& with that, i bid you farewell.


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