Sunday, February 5, 2012

busy busy weekend!

phew! this MIGHT be the longest i've gone without
making a blog post in a good long while. wow. it's
just that this week/weekend ended up being so busy!
first week of classes (meaning first week of homework!
three classes + a novel per class per week = three
novels a week! this week? frankenstein, maggie: a
girl of the streets, and gilgamesh. two
epic to go.), work for the nonprofit, a good friend
from boston in town for the weekend & we did some
crazy fun great new york city stuff (that i was lazy &
took no pictures of! but i have a sneaking suspicion i
might be scooping some from her blog soon), 
school book shopping, a physics dinner party, a 
super bowl party, church...i barely made it out of 
this weekend alive!

...& thinking about it now, i realize that some of
the pictures you're about to see will be of food,
& that i might be totally violating number seven
of this. but rest assured that there will not, i repeat,
WILL NOT, be any number ones. so. here we go.

 ...okay, so these first two are actually from the weekend
before this one, but i had forgotten i had them until just
now. we did a little photo shoot with friends up at the
cloisters. it was a beautiful, clear (freezing!) day & the
lighting was just a was the cloisters museum
itself. more pictures of our photo shoot coming soon!...
these pictures are post-photo shoot as we were
heading back to the subway...but aren't these woods 
& stairs so magical? it all felt so not new york city,
which, in this case, was a good thing, i guess.

mid-elevator ride on the way
back from one of our late night walks:

 such good suuuuuuuuushi at the japanese-thai restaurant
we went to with husband's physics phriends. possibly
my new favorite restaurant?

& ice cream we shared in penn station. this 
picture does not do justice AT ALL to how big 
that cup of ice cream actually was. nor how
disappointing in taste.

post-church fun with the lamanite skirt! you see the lamanities on there? yep. they're on there.
along with all the scenery of the lamanite wilderness.

on both sides. thanks, mom really. my mom bought
me this skirt.

...okay, now that all is said & done, i realize
there weren't as many food pictures as i
thought there were going to be, & there weren't
very many pictures overall, which is a shame.
hope you had a great weekend! onward & upward!

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  1. Haha you're so cute! I wish we had been better friends when you lived in Provo! :)



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