Sunday, February 19, 2012

desserts desserts.

tonight husband & i threw a wonderful little dessert party.
we tossed out an invite to as many friends as we
could think of, & to our delight, they all managed to
fit snugly into our little apartment (trust me, space was
 THE number one thing we were worried about...
welcome to new york city apartments, i guess!)!

we baked & cleaned & cleaned & baked
most of the weekend, & lots of multitasking
& planning happened to get multiple treats
all done at the same time PLUS get the
house decently clean, but everything pretty 
much came together in the end. i was
able to snap a few quick pictures of
some of the treats before people came,
& now there's just one question left to ask:
aren't desserts pretty??? 

a few of the sweets we served tonight:

red velvet cupcakes with 
cream cheese frosting
(like little white witch hats!):

cake batter fudge:

chocolate-covered strawberries
(okay, okay, the chocolate on
most of these berries is hideous,
but these babies were a HIT!
all gone by the end):

scotcheroos (i mean, OF
COURSE, am i right? a 
whipple/frandsen party 
without scotcheroos is "glee" episode
with no musical numbers.
it just doesn't happen):

we also had plain strawberries
(with a big bowl of sugar for the 
option of dipping, obvi), sparkly drinks, 
& sea salt brownies. phew!

 it's now 11:45, the dishes
are done, bon iver is quietly
playing...& we realized we 
never actually ate dinner.
hey! husband! ramen?

...oh, & i ALMOST FORGOT 
to mention! a neighbor DEFINITELY
called the police on us. for a mormon
party? with no alcohol? at 8:45 PM?
really, fellow tenant? really?

...that is all.

1 comment:

  1. I think you might definitely have to give me the recipe for cake batter/white chocolate fudge. Congratulations on successful socializing!



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