Monday, February 13, 2012

a few articles from the spider web.

how do you feel about gwyneth paltrow?
love her in emma? hate her in glee? fairly
neutral feeling about her turn in iron man
however you personally may feel about her,
there's just no getting around it: she's one of 
those celebrities lots of people love to hate.
have you heard about the weekly email 
newsletter she's started up called "goop"?
if not, you might just be 5 seconds away
from learning all about it. why is that, you
might ask? because i just stumbled across
this little piece (from the huffington post, no 
less!) that is so delectable in its, uh,
confrontation of goop that i couldn't
help but just share & share away. after
reading this article i went & signed up for
goop just so i could read what everyone
is apparently talking about. other quite interesting & exceptionally
more alarming pieces, i also happened
across an article about thinspo. that's
"thin-spiration." never heard of it? neither
have i. but it might just be the most single
disturbing thing i've come across in a 
good long while. check it out...if you dare. :)

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