Thursday, February 23, 2012

happy birthday ben! 2-5! 2-5! 2-5!

so husband & i were both up to our necks in some of those daily grind-y things today...yet in the midst of all of that were lucky enough to manage to remember it was a certain someone's birthday!..benjamin's! [we decided to wait until this weekend, when we both would have more time, to truly celebrate with a movie, dinner, or dessert--or a combination of the three. the possibilities are endless, am i right? so what you'll see in this post is kind of a warm-up celebration.]

...okay, so, first of all, something about me is that when it comes to gifts for husband, i'll buy a bunch for him a few weeks in advance & then sit around so excited that i usually end up handing over most of them before it's even his birthday...or christmas. this time wasn't too different. i gave him a pair of winter boots a couple weeks ago that were supposed to be for today, but i just couldn't wait! plus it was snowing that day & i couldn't watch him trudge up to campus in canvas vans. so. BUT. i did manage to wait just long enough that i did have a few doodads to surprise him with tonight.

the other thing about me is that i didn't have any time these past few weeks to wrap husband's gifts before tonight, & then i was so excited that i didn't even wrap the gifts very well. you guys, it was bad. how bad, you might ask? i ended up just folding them in tissue paper. tissue paper! there wasn't even any tape!

[even better? husband's crossed legs. YES.]

& now i feel like i've given you all this build-up & intro to these delightful birthday gifts & now you're just pulling out your hair to know what they are...& they're only so-so! so. prepare yourself emotionally & might i suggest gluing your hair back on your head:

a little batman begins & the dark knight

& a little lord of the rings trilogy! which is, even i have to admit, a good investment: 

five movies! wowza! & let's not forget those winter boots. :) but seriously, my strategy for buying gifts? when in doubt, get them MOVIES. ask any member of my family!

happy birthday, husband! you're a dream come true. now let's fire up the old T.V. for some movie marathons!

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