Wednesday, February 22, 2012

heelz & treatz.

today was a running-around-all-day kind of day.
work, work event, church activity...i feel like
wearing heels might not have been the smartest
decision for this running-around-all-day day, &
i feel like i haven't eaten anything but treats lately,
but there's always tomorrow to change silly 
things like that, right?...RIGHT?!

& here i am, trying to channel all my feelings
about things like feet hurting & sugar highs
through the medium of dance. i have to
admit, i might have been singing this song in
my head while holding this focused pose. other good news of the day, 
i just love getting letters from dear taiwan 
friends! it just always makes my day.

PLUS...WOW that glee winter finale! am i right?

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