Monday, February 6, 2012

a is for axe, b is for booth, c is for cr-v.

today there was a big fair in on inside at columbia for
social workers to browse various booths & find 
out about all the different places they could potentially
be hired at one day. in other news, your 7th favorite
blogger just happened to be lending a little hand
in on inside at one of the booths! 

it was fun, but even i have to admit our 
booth miiiiight have left a lot to be desired: 

(much thanks to husband who came to visit
the booth, eat some free cookies, drink
some free soda pop, & yes, snap a picture
of his seventh favorite wife blogger).

in other news, what's up with all the somewhat
anti-marriage-ish commercials going on right now?

oh well. at least we still have this one to
rely on (that is SO worth watching):

in closing, i actually used the phrase "& now,
without further ado" yesterday while conducting
in primary. boy oh boy those blessed kids.



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