Sunday, February 26, 2012

i vow to make a blog post.

so...i don't know how other people do it
in their families, but my family kinda really
believes that birthdays require a good
several days of celebration. which, you can
never go wrong with, am i right? hence--in the
true spirit of the alan & rene whipple clan--
last night found ben & i continuing on in his
big 2-5 birthday celebration by popping on
over to the sweet little bakery crumbs...also
known as our most current sugar obsession.
cupcake flavors on the menu this time around?
white hot chocolate, dark chocolate, & 
brownie. we got there right before they closed 
& it just so happened that we were the only 
two people in the joint. on that note, here's 
ben with said purchased birthday cupcakes 
in the bakery, being embarrassed
to pose in front of the cashier ladies &
the guy mopping in the corner. you can't
see any of them in this picture BUT you 
can tell from husband's body language that

(i feel the need to explain that ben didn't eat
all the cupcakes, but that we shared them?)

in other husband birthday news, my sister-in-law
wrote some incredibly sweet things about the big
guy over on her blog. check it out! plus, aren't
those baby pictures of husband just a precious
little hoot & holler?! those pictures themselves
are worth a trip over to gabrielle's blog. thanks,
gabrielle! lovely post. lovely pictures.

in conclusion (& i promise, it really is, no more
birthday news around here for a while), 
how else did ben celebrate that
ever-popular, ever-illustrious second
day after his birthday, you  might ask?...

...surprising me with clean & folded laundry, of course!
i mean, TAAAAAAALK about a hoot & holler.

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