Friday, February 17, 2012

in which we surprise each other.

husband has been singing a lot of newsies lately. a lot of times what happens is he'll be doing homework & suddenly ask me to play "that king of new york song." & then i'll gladly hit up the youtube-y & husband just sings along like the happiest of singing clams. well, imagine his joy & surprise when i came home a few days ago with a great, grand, & glorious surprise:

[thank you $7 dvd rack at target! YOU know what i'm talking about.]

well, i kept meaning to go pick up tina fey's new book (-ish, it's been out for a while now, i suppose) & i just hadn't gotten around to it yet--although i talked about it a lot. well, imagine my surprise when husband came home today with tina's little book in his hands! hopefully i can find some time, some day, to carve out a little time to read it. but MARK MY WORDS. whenever that day will be a good day.

& with that, i bid you farewell.

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