Friday, February 10, 2012

our night in.

husband & i had long days of work & school
today...& we wanted to go out & do something
fun tonight. we really did. but when all was said
& done, nothing sounded better than heading 
down to the old blockbuster to pick up a flick, 
heading down to the old duane reade to pick 
up a treat, wrapping up in some pj's, & holing
 up in our cozy apartment like a couple'a bears.

...& taking pictures of our warm little 
dinner & violating number seven so much

we did fun things during dinner like realize spoons
with top ramen is such an unfortunate combination.
can i get an amen?...

...& eat peanut butter m&ms...

while watching real steel.
i know, i KNOW.
will you stop reading this blog forever if
i confessed we're kind of getting into it?

here's to friday nights!


  1. way more exciting than our Friday night, which consisted of taxes and homework. And you can totally be highbrow about Hugh Jackman, no judging from here.

  2. *phew* So good to know! It did turn out to be a good movie, Hugh did a good job :)



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