Tuesday, February 28, 2012

raspberry + ice cream.

tonight we had a treat that felt as fresh & cool as a
summer night [goodness gracious, how great do
 spring & summer sound right about now?].

we couldn't help but snap a few quick ones of
those bright, sweet raspberries all nestled
together like little baby birds. & the way they
looked against the vanilla bean ice cream!
too many pretty colors, i tell you, just 
TOO MANY...okay, well just two colors,
but work with me.

wanna know a really, really good
way to eat fresh berries & ice cream? 
let the ice cream get pretty good &
melted...we're talkin' like, almost
liquid here. husband doesn't like 
when this happens to his ice cream
but i love it, because when you 
 gather up a berry & some melted 
ice cream on your spoon, hold on
to your hats because it is like a 
bite straight out of heaven.

next item on our list? make a little date
out of it & step a-WAY from the homework
for five minutes, SHEESH (i'm lookin'
at you, condensed matter problem set, & 
don't think i've forgotten you either,
20,000 leagues under the sea). 
we then turned on some swan lake (some
might find this music too tempestuous
for a date night, but we just find it beautiful) 
& explore all the different camera 
colors & settings on my phone (who 
knew that little guy could do some sepia! 
not us, until five minutes ago!)

& this is when we were REALLY
getting into the swan lake music:

here's to ten minute date nights!
& swan lake, & raspberries,
& all the colors of a camera phone rainbow

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