Thursday, February 23, 2012

seen on the mean streets of new york city.

if one was to visit/live in new york city, here are some of the things he/she might happen to see on the mean streets:

lots & lots of wonderful asians with their domo-belia. man. those taiwanese LOVED their domo. i particularly liked seeing him in backpack form in a subway station:

who was this lady? i haven't the foggiest idea! alls i know was that i was really, REALLY liking her clothes. he tight color, the long, arguably decadent coat, the hair ...i never saw her face. she could be 50. in which case, more power to her, you know?

dog walkers are as common a sight in nyc as domo is in taiwan. & can you believe that this was actually quite a tame (excuse the pun?) gathering of dogs? i've seen walkers with bunches more. (*note to self: take a picture of a dog walker with hundreds of dogs to share with my 3 readers*)

the people at ben & jerry's are real nice. like, almost too nice?:

if you were married to me at around four o'clock last friday afternoon when you met up with me after my jog, 
this is the sight you would have seen:

if you were married to me around seven o'clock last sunday evening, this is what you would have seen:

maybe it's just me, but is there any last name on this list i had to look through at work that seems particularly,  uh, extreme to you?

if you were married to ben around 6:45 tonight, you would have been greeted after class by this sight:

& this stalwart-y:

& if you were married to ben around 7:00 this evening, you would have accompanied him to his cubicle (do you know they give phd students their own cubicles at columbia? it almost, ALMOST makes me want to
study physics at a phd level at columbia :)

& this little picture i gave him a while ago to make everything more spicy:

& then i tried to, you know, just really lay down some roots in the physics room:

&, in conclusion, just in case husband or anyone else ever got lost among(st) the cubicles, there would be a light to show them the way:

 & now i bid you farewell, from the mean streets of new york.

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