Sunday, February 12, 2012

sunday graham crackers.

we had a nice busy day today
a-church-ing, visiting friends,
making brownies for neighbors, naps
(which of course keeps one very busy),
homework (this week's reading: the
strange case of dr. jekyll & mr. hyde,
my antonia, & the iliad. as usual, two down...
one epic to go), dinner, & let's not forget the
GRAMMY'S (or "graham crackers," as
ben calls them) playing in the background!
(adele. 2 grammy's won & counting). was somewhere in between dinner, homework,
& grammy's that some suuUUuuuUuuuuuper 
domesticated things were happening.

like how i found some small repairs in
my dress & was just sewing away...

...& whipped up a nice warm batch of
brownies for husband the two of us.
as you can see, i was on a roll tonight.

1 comment:

  1. Love that dress! Feeling a little jealous, not just of the dress, but of how you look in it! And in my opinion, you have to work really hard to make a better dessert than warm brownies right out of the oven.



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