Thursday, February 23, 2012

& then i was reminded.

so posting about ben in all his physics-ness below reminded me that i haven't informed you three yet of the most physics-ness of all physics-ness!

i'll give you three hints. & here they are:




..."but wait, o 7th phavorite blogger of mine!" you cry. "what do images of disney characters & the phormidable phacade of hogwarts have anything to with physics?" well. i'll tell you, my phriend. in just a few weeks a one ben phrandsen will be speaking & presenting research at TMS 2012, [a big physics conpherence also known as the minerals, metals, & materials society]. said conpherence will be held in none other than orlando, phlorida, & none other than your 7th phavorite blogger & ben phrandsen's #1 partner in crime will be tagging along for some serious theme parking!...before & aphter the conpherence, of course. we couldn't be more excited. i haven't been to disneyworld in years, & it'll be ben phrandsen's phirst time! we might even be hitting up some harry potter world & other goodies along the way. so that, in a nutshell, is our phun physics news! pharewell!

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