Wednesday, February 15, 2012


valentine's day around these parts was just 
exactly how i liked it. about a week ago we
decided to skip getting gifts for each other
 & just have a cozy, low-key v-day, 
but then husband just goes & surprises 
me all OVER the place, the rascal!

like how he left me a sweet little bouquet of 
daisies by the bed when i woke up... a columbia water bottle, of course.
we like to wear things OUT, you know.

...& then ANOTHER bouquet
out on the table that i found
fifteen minutes later... another columbia water bottle
(we got them for free whenever we
go to columbia sporting events :).

& then those magical cupcakes
from the shop that is our new
favorite, with flavors like sea salt
caramel & dark chocolate all nestled
in that box together. man oh man, 
does husband know what i like...
& what he likes. because i did end
up sharing some cupcakes with him. :)

other valentine's day festivities included
finally (i've been meaning to do it forever)
documenting how high husband can
lift the water bottle above his head while
drinking it. you can't help but respect
how focused he is:

& getting all cozy in the kitchen whipping
up some hawaiian haystacks together
for a little v-day dinner (because when we had that
sit-down talk about how we weren't going to
get gifts for each other, we also decided we
were going to make hawaiian haystacks for
dinner. it was an intense conversation),

& revealing that i also might not have 100% kept
our promise to not get each other gifts...because
what husband WOULDN'T want cute little wallet-
sized wedding pictures of him & his 7th favorite wife
blogger to carry around with him wherever he goes?! 

...don't answer that.
happy belated valentine's day!


  1. i'm totally impressed by the skills your husband has with water bottle drinking. i sometimes can't even make it into my mouth when i drink normal.

  2. I'm the same way. It's a total talent, right??



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