Sunday, February 26, 2012

visionless in yellow.


had a teensy little photo shoot [in front of an actually
pretty crummy wall, now that i look back at these 
pictures! whoopsy doodle] after church today. the 
weather was just so beautiful & sunny i we couldn't
resist!...even though we ended up taking pictures NOT
in the sun, but in the shade, so the lighting would be better.
isn't that funny how things like that work out?

& now i'm off to continue watching the oscars
with husband. goshy gosh i'm such a sucker
for these awards shows! but what i really should
be doing is cracking open some books. my
reading this week? the island of dr. moreau,
the sun also rises, & the aeneid. as usual,
two epic to go. *sigh* happy 
reading to you & yours!...or happy watching
of the oscars, either one. 

p.s. i've been warning husband for weeks that 
when the artist comes out on DVD, i will
buy when i have a visual. :)

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