Thursday, March 15, 2012


whoa, guys.
i mean, WHOA.
what a crazy last few days we've had 
over here at you? me. me? you.
& by "crazy," i mostly mean crazy
awesome fun down in orlando.
& by "crazy," i also mean zero time
at all to keep you three friends up
to date on this here blog. but i'm
back now. & i promise i'm going to
catch you three up SOON with fun
pictures & other info about our travels.

in the meantime, i was looking through 
some truly priceless images that i
hadn't looked through in a while &
i could not stop laughing. these are
some of the, uh, "outtakes" from when
we did our big extended-family-matching-
shirts pictures (you know exactly what
kind of pictures i'm talking about, don't
you?) at a whipple family reunion two 
years ago:

 oh, & trust me. there's more pictures where
these came from. if you simply cannot get
enough of the hilarity, i think they're all collected
in one cozy facebook album of mine called
"whiptastic." go ahead & look. i won't tell.