Wednesday, March 7, 2012

calm cadbury nights.

husband & i have been having a good night. 
for a while now our days have been filling up 
quick with jobby jobs & classes & homework, 
& we came home tonight feeling like we 
hadn't seen each other in ages. it was right
around the time we were quietly talking in
our room (you know, one of the one & a 
half-ish rooms that we have in our apartment)
that my attention was brought once
again to this lovely little lamp of ours. it's
just such a nice sour apple green color &
gives off the most warmest of glows (okay, 
okay, so "most warmest" is SO not a
gramatically sound phrase, but work with
me, people) & it seemed such a delightful
idea to me at the time to snap a few quick
pictures with the little lightning bug:

eyes closed, of course.

& of course husband was just sitting there
the whole time being dreamy-pants.

hope your night was warm & cozy!

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