Wednesday, March 28, 2012

clothes: top 10.

as the weather is slowly (ever so slowly!) turning
from cold to warm-ish, i've been thinking about
that transition we face every year: the one in our
closets. winter clothes get boxed away & suddenly,
if you're like me, you turn around & realize you're
so used to bundling up in down coats & boots
you've forgotten how to dress for warm weather!

here i've gathered 10 wardrobe staples that
stay in style pretty much ALL THE TIME, no
matter what the weather or year. seriously! these
clothes are all absolute basics in my closet.
classics. & i'm 98% sure you can wear any of
them no matter how old you are!

1. the chambray/denim shirt.

so many ways to style this one it's not even funny.
the chambray/denim shirt not only transcends age
but gender too: i mean, fathers wear this kind of
shirt, am i right?

2. the colored jeans.

of course, denim colored jeans are always a staple. 
but i promise you, if you treat your colored denim as a staple, 
it will treat you well right back. feel the love all around.
& they don't always have to be as bright as the
ones above (i'm looking at you, dark green or maroon!)

3. the black blazer.


dress it up for work or roll the sleeves up a bit
for the weekend. i swear the cost per wear of my
black blazers is probably in the negatives now.

4. the plaid shirt.

just another one of those great essentials that everybody can wear.
i wear ben's plaid shirts all the time & i'm not stopping anytime soon.

5. the brown loafer.

these look so snappy with basically anything you could ever wear, ever.

6. the colored belt.

step 1: agree that belts are a basic. 
step 2: now go switch it up with fun colors.
the skinnier the belt, the better, i say.

7. the pleated skirt.

couldn't find the link. frown.

here's the long & short of it: pleated skirts look great at
any length & in any color--especially black. 
plus they add such wonderful texture.

8. the chunky scarf.


this one miiiiight not be as applicable now that
it's getting warmer, but let me just say that whenever
i pulled out a chunky knit scarf & wrapped it several
times around my neck, it was like winter wasn't scary anymore.
the 2nd picture is a bit of a scaled-down, warm-weather one.

9. the keds/the boat shoes.

i mean, just LOOK at these girls' outfits.
i mean, that's audrey hepburn! like RIGHT THERE!
need i say any more?

10. anything polka dot.

via. (don't smoke! don't smoke, fleur delacour).

polka dots are showing up all OVER the place these days--
on shirts, skirts, tights, shoes...they just add such a pop of
personality & fun while remaining just subtle enough at the same time.

aaaaaaand, because i felt like this needed to be added,
11. the sailor stripe top.

i mean, classic, people. classic. i'm starting to
notice a trend: if it's REALLY classic, pretty
much BOTH guys & girls of ANY age can
wear it. take the sailor stripe top. dress it up
with a blazer, down with a summer skirt, etc.
etc. we all know these things. but isn't it nice
to be reminded with such wonderful pictures?

well folks, that comes to the end of our tour.
hope you enjoyed a little peek into what i
consider the staples of my wardrobe. don't
be afraid to stock up on the clothing items you
wear & love the most!...i'm kind of afraid of
it & maybe i shouldn't be. anyways. good night!



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