Sunday, March 18, 2012

disneyworld for the win!

what else can i say except disneyworld never fails
to fulfill our wildest dreams? coincidentally, it also
happened to be the first time benjamin & his 7th
favorite wife blogger went to a theme park together!
the weather was beautiful: sunny but with a really
comfortable breeze. our energy magically stayed high
until about 10 or 11 at night (disneyworld was open
until 1 am the day we went! 1! am!) & we did every
single thing we wanted to do. we rode every ride,
saw every 3-D there was to be seen, & avoided 
every single fried food & turkey leg stand in 
sight. even with husband not
finishing up at his physics conference until noon &
the hour-long line to buy tickets (yes. we timed it.
ONE. HOUR!), we had plenty of time to create,
as disneyworld put it, tons of magical memories.
&, unfortunately, lots of pictures. sorry about that!

one of our favorite haunts of the day.
(haunt! oh ho!):

(we thought waiting in line for a really long time 
would kill us, but signs like this helped fill up 
that dead time. kill us! dead time! oh ho!):

the buzz lightyear ride, in which one rides around 
shooting evil emperor zurg with laser beams, might
just have yielded my favorite photo of the entire trip:

should i call you "al," or maybe just 
"din"? or how about "laddy"?
(okay, can we all agree that playing
the genie was, like, robin williams'
ultimate dream role of his entire LIFE?)

this ride was a fun one, especially since 
they've updated it to include captain jack 
sparrow sneakin' around all over the place:

but let me take a moment & 
say how much i loved traipsing
around riding rides
 all day with this guy:

 even when he would get a bit saucy:

splash mountain? a classic.
we definitely hit this one up.

again, pictures from the ride are almost the best part:

 fun times on the jungle cruise
{i remember totally thinking the
animals were real when i was
young. you?}:

& walking through the swiss family robinson
tree house. QUIZ QUESTION: of what
nationality is the robinson family? 

 sweaty in front of cinderella's castle:

but let's all check out the snow 
white prince's jeggings:

we waited in an exceptionally long
line for "snow white's scary adventure" ride.
while in line, husband provided this little rosebud: 
"if you have to use the word "scary" in the
title of the ride, you know it's definitely not scary."
but the scariest part was that when it was our turn 
in line to get on the ride, & there were hundreds of
people in line behind us...they gave us the whole 
car to ourselves?! scary!

 in front of every ride they
have a "stroller parking lot" where people
just leave their strollers & get on the ride.
& they don't lock them up. & one steals
anything ever? maybe one has to be a mom 
to figure this one out.

going multi-dimensional for "mickey's
philharmagic." we actually loved this one!

it's a small world. i repeat: it's a small world.
in all his years of living in southern CA
& going to disneyland lots, ben had never
been on this ride & wanted me to explain
what it was like. & i had a really hard time
doing it. i mean, how do you describe the it's
a small world ride to someone who has
never been on it?:

that mad hatter tea party spin ride 
always brings out the craziness:

the main street electrical parade
came at a perfect part of the day/night
because our feet were killing us. you
know what else was killing us? having the
parade music stuck in our heads for
the next, oh, six, seven-ish days:

& i'll leave you with this magic from space mountain.
please look at my face. please, just look at it.

i swear i was having fun.

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