Wednesday, March 21, 2012

downtown disney.

our little half-day of day three found us at downtown
disney, which, if i remember correctly, was recommended
to us by her and i'm SO glad we listened. i mean, WHAT
a fun little boardwalk. the day was beautiful, i finally got
to wear a skirt without having to worry about the world
seeing my skivvies when we went upside-down on that
cray-cray hulk ride...i mean, it was just win-win, you guys.

so these pictures are in an exceptionally random order,
so just bear with me. (bear! from a disney movie! oh ho!)

so when we were at disneyworld we kept seeing all
these people with these huge legs of meat & we
kept cracking up because it looked so viking-ish!
we didn't know where all these meat legs were
coming from! but at downtown disney we found
out it's like a real thing, i guess:

amazing sculptures all over the place, made out of legos!

& this is the sweet little sight that greeted me three days 
in a row when i would go pick up benjamin from his
physics conference around noon. mr. physicist in orlando
scoring some sweet swag like lanyard necklaces & water
bottles! {in all seriousness, though, his presentation went
amazingly well. sigh of relief from both of us!}

in a random side note, we went to see the lorax to
fill up the dead space (dead space! oh ho!...oh,
wait, we're not talking about the haunted mansion
anymore) before our flight, & i mean WOWZA,
am i just getting old or is this little image indicating
the women's bathroom REALLY voluptuous?

it's like someone ripped off the docile 
little triangle that was her skirt!

p.s. the lorax. i hate to say it, but it was kinda disappointing.
not at all full of that subtle humor & lovable characters
that make any disney/pixar movie great. sorry, guys.

at downtown disney's candy shop:

with delightful little mickey & minnie chocolate-covered apples:

to infinity & beyond with legos:

wearing a little irish mickey hat jump attempt #1:

wearing a little irish mickey hat jump attempt #2:
the shoes off diaries:

& then just giving up on a good jumping 
picture & becoming a blushing bride instead:

ben & i agreed that while buying mouse ears seems like a
complete waste of money {because, honestly, when will you
EVER wear those things outside of disneyworld, & how
often do you go to disneyworld? like, once every 3-5 years?}
we miiiiiiight consider buying a snowglobe for the kiddies
back home. because you can use a snowglobe every day!

...or these hilarious mickey oven mitts.

{husband's consternation at having two right hands}:

but even with two right hands you can still eat a hot dog. probably.

&, in closing, the countdown is ON! it's ON!

& this, my friends, concludes our wonderful little
trip down to orlando. disney on day one, universal
on day two, & downtown disney on day three. i'll
skip the parts about how our flight was delayed &
we didn't get home until 2:30 am, & i'll also skip the
parts about how we weren't in bed until 3 only
to have to wake back up at 8 am a few hours
later. because it was all worth it, my friends! all worth it.

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  1. So glad your liked it!!! Super fun to feel like a kid again!! Disney never gets old.



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