Saturday, March 10, 2012

nice to MET you.

tonight husband & were at the metropolitan 
museum of art for approximately 45 seconds
before the blessed place shot straight to the
top of my favorite museums list, which is just,
you know, a list. that i keep. head. 

it also was one of the most
overwhelming & stressful situations i've
found myself in in recent weeks, simply because
there is SO MUCH to see at the could 
even be argued that there might be TOO much to
see at the met. medieval art, modern art, greek
& roman art, islamic art, photographs, asian
art, arts of africa, oceania, & the americas,
european sculpture & more, floors upon
 floors upon floors upon floors of things to
see & learn about...*sigh*

tonight husband & i checked out
the egyptian art, which came complete with
life-size replicas of
egyptian tombs that you could actually walk
through! it was all so fascinating we could
hardly stand it. & i couldn't help but sing 
this song very dramatically the whole time 
we were winding our way through the 
tombs. i still know all the words to that song
from that time i listened to it every morning
for three, four-ish months on my mission.
& i know, somewhere deep down in his 
heart, husband really appreciated my singing.

i should also say right off the bat that flash
photography was not allowed in le met, 
so a lot of these pictures are suuuuper dark. 

oh. & who knew egyptians were the first ones to
display cheeky, pop art-y mustaches, am i right?
i now know they officially invented everything:

mid-tomb walk:

one of the life-size tombs. it was so big & real-feeling!:

& good old j.p. morgan gifted so, SO
many things to the museum. probably
half of everything we saw tonight was
from him.

we moved on from egypt to various other 
wings of the museum tonight, but STILL. 
we hardly made a dent in that place.

we appreciate the met because not only does it
have many galleries with art hanging simply on
walls, but it also has amazing, life-size rooms
with original pieces of art & furniture that you
can actually walk through. we walked through
several rooms recreated from french hotels &
palace rooms & they were all gorgeous.
probably said the words "oh my gosh. OH. MY.
GOSH." about 60 times tonight because every
single thing we saw was so breathtaking. so 
what with the "oh my gosh"-ing & the singing the 
whole time, you can imagine how much patience 
husband had with his 7th favorite wife blogger 
by the end of our little outing! 

thank you artificial lighting in this one room!:

& i couldn't help but snap a picture of 
these ceramics because isn't that pink
color just the most divine thing you ever saw?:

top of a fireplace:

this was an awkward picture to take because 
the security guard was standing right behind 
benjamin watching the whole time:

an old clock that told the time of lots of
great cities around the world:


& then it was like, is it just me or did we 
step on over to mr. darcy's house?:

not only was the art within the met beautiful,
but the building is a gem, a GEM, i tell you!
inside & out!

i'm pretty sure there are even more pictures than this.
perhaps i shall post more tomorrow! or sometime soon.

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