Sunday, March 4, 2012

ombre, hombre.

i'm kind of one of those people who starts to
feel a bit...restless sometimes. about my hair. so
you can imagine that growing my hair out long for
months (years, even!) now has had me itching to 
do something, ANYTHING to switch it up just a
little bit, until the day finally came that i could
itch no longer (am i taking that analogy a bit
too far?). after hemming & hawing & going back 
& forth for months & months, i finally went in
& added a little color to my coif.

& promptly came home, felt okay about it,
let a couple hours pass, felt not okay about it,
let a few more hours pass, felt even worse about it,
until right around midnight i found myself in a bit
of a crumpled, crying heap {um...sorry, husband?}.
today i'm feeling a little bit better, but who 
knows what the next few hours may bring? so.
without further ado, here's the new a-do:

if you find that you kind of like it, there are times
i like it too, for all your same reasons. if you
find that you don't really like it, TRUST ME. 
you probably won't find ANY kind of flaw with
this hairdo that i haven't noticed myself yet.
perhaps this is all just a good lesson i need to 
learn. to kill those vanity demons once & for all!


  1. shayla i love it!! :) i think it looks fantastic and you look beautiful!!!!!! :)

  2. You look great! I love it on you! btw, this is leslie



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