Thursday, March 1, 2012

slam it that inappropriate to say?

so something that i've always felt quite proud about
(in a righteous way, of course) is the fact that i
introduced benjamino to tim tam slams. you heard
me. tim. tam. slams. i'm pretty sure that whenever 
zeus & all his extramarital lady friends were said
to be eating "nectar & ambrosia," they were
eating tim tam slams....okay, WOW i've
been reading a lot of greek epics lately.

anyways, back to tim tam slams. they're the
best. like, really the best. what's even better
is if you're lucky enough to live in a place
with grocery stores that sell tim tam slams.
they're kind of australian. i never found
tim tams anywhere i looked in utah. new
york, on the other hand, has tim tams,
because new york has...well, 
everything, i guess.

1. grab your tim tams, you lucky dog, you. 
2. whip yourself up a piping hot cup of 
cocoa. you're almost ready to go. 
now is where it gets a bit trickier.
3. nibble off just a very little of the top 
& bottom (opposite ends) of the tim 
tam. i mean really, only nibble off the 
very outer edges.
4. dip a nibbled edge slightly into the
hot chocolate. you'll have to bring your 
face very close to the hot choc for this
one, cuz then you suck on the opposite
nibbled edge of the tim tam like there's
no tomorrow. it's like
you're sucking a straw. see picture
below. if you feel like it kind of looks
like you're doing drugs, you're headed
in the right direction.

5. hold the tim tam with your fingers
(i feel like this gives me more control
over the whole situation. husband, however,
likes to go no hands, as you see in the 
picture above. to each his own.) & slurp 
away. you'll feel the tim tam start to get all gooey
& melty as the hot chocolate courses
through its veins. once the tim tam
has achieved your personal desired
meltiness, pop that lover into your mouth.

live long & prosper, amigos.
live long & prosper.

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