Sunday, March 25, 2012

sunday sunday. so good to me.

happy sunday, everyone!
aren't weekends a dream?
we've been having some goings-on around 
here lately that i cannot help but take 
pictures of. & here are those pictures. 

so at shake shack they have these things
called concretes, which are essentially
milkshakes but REALLY really thick.
like concrete. see what they did there?
anyways, we went with friends a few
weeks ago & i ordered the peanut butter 
chocolate caramel concrete. & here's
what it looked like:

leeeettttt's just say husband kept doing the whole
"take a bite of mine & i'll take a bite of yours" 

so husband's fellow PhD students are a really international
bunch. there's russians, italians, south americans, asians...
& south californians. a bunch of them got together to form
an intramural soccer league for columbia. anyways, a few days
before their first game husband happened to receive this 
priceless email from his russian teammate, bless his 
heart. just read the whole email. you'll never, ever regret it.

i, personally, am totally sad i missed out on the russian creeps.
(but HEY. i lived in taiwan for a year & a half & 
learned mandarin chinese, so i would never ever make 
fun of anybody trying to learn a new & difficult language.
i don't do least not often. oh. & please don't
call him. that would be a hassle.)

we were at our friend's apartment the other night,
& one time we looked over & their teenser
dog batman was sitting like this, silently, just all 
proper with his front legs crossed. i mean, how 
could you NOT take a picture of batman?!

church today. yay for mint green!:

& i love when husband wears this brown suit. he 
bought it in germany so you KNOW it's got that 
dreamy european cut to it, & every time 
he wears it it's like i just go back in time to those first 
few months we were dating. i'm 99% sure he was 
wearing this suit the very first time i ever saw him. 
you heard that right. it's STILL that vivid in my mind.

i tried taking a photo of him when he 
was looking all authoritative on the phone 
to get an "action shot," but of
course he started hanging up in the 1.5 
seconds it took for me to snap a picture.

have a glorious day!


  1. HAHAHA that email is hilarious! i read it out loud to my roommates, they also thought it was funny. haha.

  2. I love it! Isn't it priceless? Ben gets emails like this a LOT - I need to start sharing more of them :)

  3. I think I just laughed for a solid minute because of the email and then the Batman picture! Classic!



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