Saturday, March 3, 2012


tonight after dinner husband & i decided we wanted
to spend a few minutes of friday night in *style!*
so we headed a few blocks down to this famous

often frequented by these people in that one show:

the interior of tom's restaurant is, unfortunately, different 
than the one you see all the time in the show, but at least they 
had great milkshakes & other fun things to look at!

vanilla for husband; chocolate malt for
me. those suckers did not disappoint.
one moment we looked down & there
was just lots of good milkshake all around...

...& then we looked down & they 
were suddenly all gone. wah wahhhh.

tom's was great enough to have wonderful 
homages to that one show all over the joint:

hope your friday was as wonderful as those 
milkshakes that are now gone forever! wah wahhh.

1 comment:

  1. um, hi. i figure i should stop be a closet blog-follower/reader extraordinaire...aka i love reading yours. and those milkshakes look beYOND delish. the end.




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