Wednesday, March 21, 2012

& universal studios for the major win!

day two of our florida trip saw us going to universal studios!!
now, no offense to disneyworld, but if you had only one day
to spend in florida & therefore only one theme park to choose,
we would COMPLETELY recommend universal studios. we
didn't really know what to expect from the day (except harry
potter world, of course) & this theme park blew our 
expectations out of the water 105%. we had the best, best time.

blue man group: this one is the real one,
not the one for sad men (arrested development,

oh you KNOW the adventure began:

in case you couldn't tell, this was the
entrance to the jurassic park portion
of universal studios. tres imposing, no?
(i think there's supposed to be an accent
over the e in tres, but i simply cannot be
bothered to go & add it right now. is that,
i don't know, sacreligious of me?)

okay. jurassic park ride=

this is how wet we were after the jurassic park ride:

(i actually don't look very wet in this picture,
but that's because my WHOLE SHIRT was
wet. there were NO dry spots on that sucker,
so it all looks the same color...does that make 
sense? hopefully?)

but none of this stopped ben from
getting attacked by old t-bone:

i'm pretty sure this is pre-jurassic park
ride because we look warm, dry, & 
happy that no t-rex's were on the loose:

oh. OH. this was our first ride of the day:

i mean, look at how huge this thing is!
 SO scary. but fun. exactly the kind of
big, fast ride your 7th favorite blogger husband likes.

oh. & then we went on another splash
mountain-esque ride about dudley do-little?
that also got us SO SOAKING WET. as
in, one time during the ride you straight up
just RIDE through a waterfall. like, not even
going down a huge drop or anything. what the!?

again: i'm completely,
uniformly wet.
no dry spots.

AND THEN. the wizarding world
of harry potter descended upon us
in all its magic & glory! it was the
most amazing theme park stuff i've
ever seen. hogwarts was huge &
imposing. everything just looked
so real. i mean, check out the sorting
hat that actually talked!:

& hogsmeade had delightfully crooked
chimneys & cobblestone streets & snow
& smoke coming out of the chimneys
& every single store they ever mention 
in harry potter. *sigh* what else can i say?
i loved it. go there if you can!

during the line for the triwizard tournament ride:

sorry such horrible lighting, but 
check the triwizard cup!

BUTTERBEER. so the line was 35 minutes long.
who cares when you have your choice of either
iced or liquid butterbeer with butterscotch 
whipped cream on top & you get one of both,
am i right?

we first got off at platform 9 3/4, of course:


the huge hogwarts might have been my favorite part.
it's completely life size & sitting up on a mountain.
the best part? the line for one of the rides weaves
you all the way through the castle--through classrooms,
hallways with talking portraits, dumbledore's office,
 & you pass by all the amazing things... the entrance to dumbledore's office
(sorry again for the bad lighting!)...

...& the pensieve {again, horrible lighting,
sorry, my phone was almost dead & didn't
have enough power for flash! :( } what else
did we pass? the mirror of erised...classroom
doors like potions & defense against the
dark arts...the fat lady...the hogwarts point
system hourglasses...& so much more.

& that was another beautiful day for us in florida.
again, i would completely recommend universal
studios. it was so worth it & i could have stayed
forever. i mean, hogwarts just really spoke to me, you know?
maybe i'm not a muggle but really a wizard after all...?

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