Tuesday, March 6, 2012

updates schmupdates.

1. i have a feeling, deep down in the pit of my gut
that grows stronger every day, that ben is going to
propose to courtney on bachelor next week. i
don't care how tearful her apologies were during the
"women tell all" episode: she is not to be trusted!
husband totally agrees with me on this
one, don't you, husband? :)

2. although both members of this marriage 
have read the hunger games before (i've read all 3,
husband needs to get his rear in gear & read the last 2!
he keeps asking me how it all ends in the third one.
he wants to know! without even reading it!
never before have the walls of this apartment heard
such blasphemy, & these are new york CITY walls,
too!) we don't own any of the books. well, that all changed
today, my friends, when we got the blessed first 
installment delivered straight to our doorstep from those 
loving people over at amazon.com. i want to try & re-read 
it before the movie comes out in, what is it, two 
weeks now (eep!)? we'll see if that happens.

3. cadbury easter eggs. i repeat: cadbury easter eggs.

4. i went back & done got my hair touched up 
a bit at the salon! for free! & i feel so much better 
about it! & that, my friends, is a win-win...-win? 
pictures to come soon.
i would post some pictures right now, but i just
have so much homework, you know? & no time.
i'm certainly not not posting any just because i don't
think my hair looks absolutely perfect. you three know 
i'm all about posting imperfect pictures of myself!
...for further proof, just, you know, 
look at the very next picture.

5. a truth long held hidden has now come to 
light: whenever ben or i take pictures with 
food, we tend to make...creepy faces. 
shout it from the rooftops, y'all.

...although, for some reason, i feel like i look
exceptionally awful in the above photo. it
was kind of a real stretch for me to post it.
brave face, shayla. brave face.

6. if this doesn't at least put up a seriously,
SERIOUSLY good argument for cutting
one's hair short, i don't know what will.

happy tuesday!

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