Sunday, April 29, 2012

hanging out on google, pt. ii.

6:15 am for him,
12:15 am for me.

one just woken up, 
one right off to bed.

husband loves germany.
it's like you can almost see
it in his eyes he wants to 
live there forever & never
come back!
...but we'll force him to
come back, won't we? :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

hanging out on google.

6:15 am for him.
12:15 am for me.

...& how about that random image
on the wall behind husband's head?!

maybe it's a german apartment thing...?
or they just watched napoleon dynamite recently.

hey! husband! let's hang out on google again soon!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

"bye buddy, hope you find your dad"

do you remember that lovely part from the movie elf?

when mr. gnarwhal narwhal pops out of the water to say goodbye to will ferrel? you think he's going to be all scary, but then he's actually really sweet? it's a surprisingly really great part.

anyways, moral of the story is  i was doing some serious "bye buddy, hope you find your dad"s to husband this morning as he headed off to germany. yep, germany. off to do some science & make experiments & in general just be a hot shot physicist at the german labs (we always had this joke with some friends of ours that as a physicist ben "makes science." he just "makes science").

husband will be gone for a week. i already miss him like crazy & it's been, what, 7 hours? but there's also a really, really big part of me that's all kinds of happy he's returning to the fatherland. that's right, folks,  husband served his mission in germany & austria, so in a really big & really real way, it's like he's going home.

so, in honor & celebration of benjamin returning to the pavement he once trod as a sweet missionary, here are some favorite mission photos of his i managed to scare up out of the record books.

you know, just chillin' in front of castles.

see husband here on the right? 

the hands on the shoulders. puh-RICE-less:

paying homage to the von trapps, naturally:

husband on the left...but isn't the elder on the right an absolute riot?!:

& seriously, could their location be any more gorgeous?! 

husband! please! make the german science quickly & then speedily come home!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

salty + sweet.

last night husband & i made breakfast-for-dinner,
which is always a joy & a revelation, & every time
we do breakfast-for-dinner we always look at each
other afterwards & ask "why don't we do this more
often?!" french toast, orange juice, &, of course, bacon!

so as we were finishing up frying that bacon,
husband says to me, he says,
"you know what would be really good?"
& i said, "what?"
& he says to me, he says,
"...if we put this bacon on top of ICE CREAM."

it was a bold idea, my friends, to be sure,
but a) thas' what i love about husband &
b) i've actually had my share of bacon on
top of maple doughnuts in the past! (who
knew it had a wikipedia page, btw?)
 so i was all kinds of on board with this idea.

so that's just what we did.



ice cream


what we ended up having 
for both dinner AND 
dessert last night.

& it was so, so glorious.
we seriously could not 
get over how good it was.
isn't that funny? bacon &
ice cream. what a funny
the trick? make sure your
bacon is nice & crispy.
real crispy. & everything
will turn out all right.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


well folks, friday night was the night of my big chinese test...
i know, i know. a test on a friday night?! at least it's all over
& done with for now, although i think my head still hurts. 
oh well...after the test, husband & i headed 
over a japanese/thai fusion restaurant to celebrate a bit.
this was our second time eating at this place & we're 
starting to really just love it, dang it!

mood lighting 101:

we loved our teensy soy sauce-pot:

beef curry for me, sweet & sour chicken & pineapple for ben.
there was definitely some cross-plate sharing on this one:

conclusion? asian people. i love 'em.
they make great food...
but maybe not great tests. so it was, & so it
shall be. amen.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

so i ordered nail polish off the internet the other day...

...& today it came. so. take a
quick gander at the size of the box
it came in. just take a good look at it.

& now take a look at the one & 
only thing that came in it. yep.
that's my nail polish in there.

i rest my case. 

holy horchata!

this afternoon as i was doing a little post-jog cool-down
(did i mention i'm doing a 10k in june? i'm doing a 10 k
in june. gotta keep up the training!) i happened
to spot one of nyc's many food trucks down the block a
bit. but this particular food truck caught my eye...actually,
it was this sign that caught my eye, specifically:

horchata? as in, beloved drink of both husband & i? as in, the 
drink that we came to nyc expecting to be sold in every overpriced 
corner grocery store, but then after intense exploration found to
be nowhere?!?!!
...yes. that horchata. (p.s. live in provo, utah? well,
you're in luck & we're so, so jealous of you. you can find
dreamy, delicious horchata cartoned up at your local smith's
grocery store quick as a wink. lucky ducks.) 

anyways, i texted husband immediately with the
joyous news that horchata was in sight, & he 
came a-runnin' from columbia for a cupful:

the sign we see unfortunately 
see way. too. often. 
at places around here:

luckily experience has taught us 
both to carry some bones around
at all times (do kids these days
still use "bones" to mean "dollars"?
or am i just making that slang up?),
so we were able to pick up a
few happy cups.

yuck. post-jog, pre-shower,
everyone. remember, post-jog,

the weather today was gorgeous & in the low 
80s (!), so this ice-cold horchata tasted especially 
delicious. hooray for quick, in-the-middle-of-the-day 
10 minute dates!

Monday, April 16, 2012

zhongwen zhende hen nan.

i have one of those big, sickening, life-altering,
your-entire-future-depends-on-this kind of test
coming up next week. yep, it's gonna be a doozy. 
oh, & did i mention? it is all in CHINESE.
you heard that right. 
why oh why could i not be tested in a language 
with some sort of tangible, under-control alphabet 
full of recognizable letters & shapes?...oh yeah,
that's right. God kinda took the wheel on this one
here are some snippets of my study notes...
because i know you're all dying to see:

...well, it's not like my WHOLE future
depends on this test, but it's still nerve-wracking. :)
wish me haoyun!...seriously.
have a wonderful night!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

our fridays & our saturdays.

we surprised ourselves these last few days by being able to
go out & do some fun things!...which is a slight change from
what we've been used to for the past few weeks. here are
some of those fun things:

heading to a columbia men's lacrosse game to watch a friend play:

heading to the east (side) for a pizza-making party: 

ben pretending to be a sailor in his somewhat nautical-themed shirt:

homemade grilled cheese sandwiches:
sliced avocados, bacon, & pepper jack 
cheese on ciabatta bread. yum!...& now a
pannini maker has shot to the top of my wish list :)

& finally, a simple shot of this glorious, awful, 
beautiful, maddening city on a warm spring day:

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

easter finery.

easter sunday was a gorgeous day. the sun was shining...
church was a's always nice to run into this friend...

...the tulips are here to stay, people, for reals...

...& then, of course, there was the easter parade!
i guess there was a time when it was an actual
parade where all the rich matriarchs & their broods
would dress in their easter finest & parade down
5th avenue. these days the parade attracts mostly,
ah, colorful characters with more of a general
milling around rather than an actual parade,
but it was still a real fun time.

a church baby:

this lady was funny. ben took a picture of her & i together...

...& then she turned to bedn & said, "would you like 
a picture with me too?" ben was like, "uh..........sure....?"

an adorable little girl from church:

soaking in the day. the mood in the streets was so fun:

so many outrageous hats! seriously all over the place:

(most of the time it was creepy/hard to take pictures 
of people by themselves. it was easier to just ask if i could 
take a picture with them, & in that way we'd then have 
their hat recorded for posterity. so.)

THIS GUY. in the flamingo with the pink boa tail hat:

shoulder angel/shoulder devil. these ladies were the absolute cutest:

i loved the lady on the right in yellow the most, but 
unfortunately she happened to be the only one who 
looked away for a second when i took the picture:

the parade was in the shadow of this gorgeous cathedral:

people even got their dogs in on the action. this dog simply
would not look at me no matter how hard i tried!:

this guy was dragging his feet about going a little bit,
 at first, but i think in the end he had a fun time. i'm not 
sure? does he look happy in these pictures? let's analyze:

he was a good sport.
happy easter again, everyone!
...a few days after the fact.


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