Friday, April 6, 2012

brooklyn bridge.

this evening ben & i scooted on down to the brooklyn
bridge for a good time. we were hoping that it would be
warm & sunny for our little jaunt but by the time we got 
down there, the light was fading & it was getting pretty 
cold...but that didn't mean our pictures had to suffer! 
can i get an amen?

(this was my fake smile. i don't know why sometimes i
fake smile in pictures?...perhaps it was because there 
were thousands of tourists pressing down on us from
behind ben & i felt embarrassed that they were all staring)

some sort of construction was going on & they put up these
temporary walls on either side so the walkways were extremely
narrow. every time a brooklyn-ite rode by on their bikes they
almost ripped our shoulders off, & they were angry at us. every. time.

the entire bridge, with all its cars & tourists, is held up only 
by cables, essentially! isn't that wild to think about? i kept 
telling ben, "you know, the true test of our love would be if you 
followed me as i climbed up to the top of this bridge." the idea
was all very bachelor-esque...meaning not romantic at all.
i mean seriously, how does climbing up the side of a bridge
show or test your love in any way, & why does everyone
on the bachelor think that it somehow does?!...but i digress.

below is really truly the book i'm reading right now for a class.
herland is the name. the premise? 3 explorers stumble upon a 
society made up of ONLY women! i'm loving it so far:

& husband's solid state physics:

we had the best time. the view from the bridge - the busy
skyline right on the edge of the water - reminded us again 
what a dreamy city this is...& so overwhelming! i feel like 
no matter how long we live here, we'll never do or see 
everything one should do or see here. i guess that just
means husband & i have a lot more date nights ahead of us...!

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