Thursday, April 26, 2012

"bye buddy, hope you find your dad"

do you remember that lovely part from the movie elf?

when mr. gnarwhal narwhal pops out of the water to say goodbye to will ferrel? you think he's going to be all scary, but then he's actually really sweet? it's a surprisingly really great part.

anyways, moral of the story is  i was doing some serious "bye buddy, hope you find your dad"s to husband this morning as he headed off to germany. yep, germany. off to do some science & make experiments & in general just be a hot shot physicist at the german labs (we always had this joke with some friends of ours that as a physicist ben "makes science." he just "makes science").

husband will be gone for a week. i already miss him like crazy & it's been, what, 7 hours? but there's also a really, really big part of me that's all kinds of happy he's returning to the fatherland. that's right, folks,  husband served his mission in germany & austria, so in a really big & really real way, it's like he's going home.

so, in honor & celebration of benjamin returning to the pavement he once trod as a sweet missionary, here are some favorite mission photos of his i managed to scare up out of the record books.

you know, just chillin' in front of castles.

see husband here on the right? 

the hands on the shoulders. puh-RICE-less:

paying homage to the von trapps, naturally:

husband on the left...but isn't the elder on the right an absolute riot?!:

& seriously, could their location be any more gorgeous?! 

husband! please! make the german science quickly & then speedily come home!


  1. can't believe you couldn't go with him! GERMANY! I wish I had Benny's brain so I could go to Europe twice a year:)

  2. I knowwww I wish I could have gone too! Too much school & work in the way :(



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