Sunday, April 8, 2012

down to chinatown.

on the same night we did this, we also indulged in 
some more general exploration of nyc...including,
of course, a beautiful trip to chinatown. more on
that after these pictures.

(flowers are blooming like crazy! we love it!):

one of the things i love about this city is that we
stumble upon awe-inspiring architecture everywhere.
so much of it goes unnoticed by tourists, tour books,
& the like, that when we come across it, it's like 
this wonderful, pleasant surprise. like how we 
were walking to the brooklyn bridge & suddenly 
found ourselves walking through this huge archway,
with sunlight streaming through & everything!:

okay. on to chinatown.

i love nyc's chinatown. in some areas it's so similar to taiwan i
can hardly stand it - it feels 100% like i'm back on my mission.
 i've been wanting to take husband to chinatown forever &
introduce him to things like the wonderfully cheap & delicious 
dumplings, the wintermelon bubble tea, the little bakeries, the
store owners haranguing customers in the streets, & so
much more - i mean, that was all i knew for a year & a half!
i love letting husband have a little peek into how my mission 
was over on that beloved little island.

us with our wintermelon bubble tea
(don't worry. completely word of wisdom 
appropriate). to describe the
taste of wintermelon tea? a little honey-ish,
a little fruity, maybe a dash of cinnamon...
& 100% delightful.   

it's a bit of an acquired taste, that wintermelon 
tea, because it's just such a different drink than 
what a lot of americans people are normally used 
to. i was a little worried ben wouldn't like it...but 
he loved it! donggua cha for the win!

(don't worry. one of the drinks in 
the picture above is mine :)

later on that night we headed over to a little dumpling place that
i discovered with this girl. this little dumpling place is THE 
BIGGEST (or should i say smallest?) hole in the wall you will 
ever, ever find. probably only five people can fit
comfortably into the front ordering area...& there were twelve
people in there when we ordered. so. you can imagine. BUT.
the squeeze & squish is SO worth it, because at this little joint
you can buy FIVE dumplings...for one dollar! five! for a dollar!
plus check out how cheap everything else is here:

{& the place had no seating at ALL so we 
had to walk down to the playground on the
corner to eat in the windy darkness. a little
scary? yes.}

...okay, so i didn't actually have as many chinatown pictures
as i thought i did. there are actually hardly any at all. but i
guess that's just an excuse to go there again & buy some
awesome wintermelon & cheap dumplings!...oh, & get
more pictures of chinatown, of course. :)

p.s. see an epic visit to chinatown (&
lots of great chinatown pictures here.)

p.p.s. instagram for androids!
i repeat: instagram for androids.

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  1. so i usually just look at your blog in my google reader so coming to the real one was a treat - look at you with your famous blogger layout! that is great.

    anyway. the real reason i'm commenting is that i love everything about this and i'm so happy ben liked all those great discoveries. and not just one but two shout outs! i feel honored.

    ps i'm coming back to ny this summer and we are doing this again - fyi



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