Wednesday, April 11, 2012

easter finery.

easter sunday was a gorgeous day. the sun was shining...
church was a's always nice to run into this friend...

...the tulips are here to stay, people, for reals...

...& then, of course, there was the easter parade!
i guess there was a time when it was an actual
parade where all the rich matriarchs & their broods
would dress in their easter finest & parade down
5th avenue. these days the parade attracts mostly,
ah, colorful characters with more of a general
milling around rather than an actual parade,
but it was still a real fun time.

a church baby:

this lady was funny. ben took a picture of her & i together...

...& then she turned to bedn & said, "would you like 
a picture with me too?" ben was like, "uh..........sure....?"

an adorable little girl from church:

soaking in the day. the mood in the streets was so fun:

so many outrageous hats! seriously all over the place:

(most of the time it was creepy/hard to take pictures 
of people by themselves. it was easier to just ask if i could 
take a picture with them, & in that way we'd then have 
their hat recorded for posterity. so.)

THIS GUY. in the flamingo with the pink boa tail hat:

shoulder angel/shoulder devil. these ladies were the absolute cutest:

i loved the lady on the right in yellow the most, but 
unfortunately she happened to be the only one who 
looked away for a second when i took the picture:

the parade was in the shadow of this gorgeous cathedral:

people even got their dogs in on the action. this dog simply
would not look at me no matter how hard i tried!:

this guy was dragging his feet about going a little bit,
 at first, but i think in the end he had a fun time. i'm not 
sure? does he look happy in these pictures? let's analyze:

he was a good sport.
happy easter again, everyone!
...a few days after the fact.

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