Wednesday, April 18, 2012

holy horchata!

this afternoon as i was doing a little post-jog cool-down
(did i mention i'm doing a 10k in june? i'm doing a 10 k
in june. gotta keep up the training!) i happened
to spot one of nyc's many food trucks down the block a
bit. but this particular food truck caught my eye...actually,
it was this sign that caught my eye, specifically:

horchata? as in, beloved drink of both husband & i? as in, the 
drink that we came to nyc expecting to be sold in every overpriced 
corner grocery store, but then after intense exploration found to
be nowhere?!?!!
...yes. that horchata. (p.s. live in provo, utah? well,
you're in luck & we're so, so jealous of you. you can find
dreamy, delicious horchata cartoned up at your local smith's
grocery store quick as a wink. lucky ducks.) 

anyways, i texted husband immediately with the
joyous news that horchata was in sight, & he 
came a-runnin' from columbia for a cupful:

the sign we see unfortunately 
see way. too. often. 
at places around here:

luckily experience has taught us 
both to carry some bones around
at all times (do kids these days
still use "bones" to mean "dollars"?
or am i just making that slang up?),
so we were able to pick up a
few happy cups.

yuck. post-jog, pre-shower,
everyone. remember, post-jog,

the weather today was gorgeous & in the low 
80s (!), so this ice-cold horchata tasted especially 
delicious. hooray for quick, in-the-middle-of-the-day 
10 minute dates!

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