Monday, April 2, 2012

north & south.

you guys, i've kind of become a monster lately...
a monster obsessed with north & south!
i've been hearing rumblings about this 
BBC miniseries for a good long while
now - i even remember a companion of
mine told me about north & south when we
were serving together in taiwan (...don't 
worry, if i remember correctly, it was 
on a preparation day!)! & finally, after
all these years, a friend of mine loaned
it to me...& i have
now become a monster. i stayed up until
3 am watching it (i had started it around 
eleven, planning on watching only one foolish i was to think i could
stop at just one!) & i immediately bought
a copy of my own on amazon the next
morning. i can't believe how good it is.
& that mr. thornton with all his hotness!
i just can't believe how into it i got.
i broke down in tears, i tell you, REAL
TEARS by the end of the second hour,
& sobbed for a good ten minutes. if you
know me, you know that this sort of
thing never, ever happens. anyways, i've
only been able to find fan-made trailers
of north & south online, but if you love the
one below, you better believe there are
hours more where this came from on
youtube. enjoy:

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