Saturday, April 14, 2012

our fridays & our saturdays.

we surprised ourselves these last few days by being able to
go out & do some fun things!...which is a slight change from
what we've been used to for the past few weeks. here are
some of those fun things:

heading to a columbia men's lacrosse game to watch a friend play:

heading to the east (side) for a pizza-making party: 

ben pretending to be a sailor in his somewhat nautical-themed shirt:

homemade grilled cheese sandwiches:
sliced avocados, bacon, & pepper jack 
cheese on ciabatta bread. yum!...& now a
pannini maker has shot to the top of my wish list :)

& finally, a simple shot of this glorious, awful, 
beautiful, maddening city on a warm spring day:

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