Wednesday, April 25, 2012

salty + sweet.

last night husband & i made breakfast-for-dinner,
which is always a joy & a revelation, & every time
we do breakfast-for-dinner we always look at each
other afterwards & ask "why don't we do this more
often?!" french toast, orange juice, &, of course, bacon!

so as we were finishing up frying that bacon,
husband says to me, he says,
"you know what would be really good?"
& i said, "what?"
& he says to me, he says,
"...if we put this bacon on top of ICE CREAM."

it was a bold idea, my friends, to be sure,
but a) thas' what i love about husband &
b) i've actually had my share of bacon on
top of maple doughnuts in the past! (who
knew it had a wikipedia page, btw?)
 so i was all kinds of on board with this idea.

so that's just what we did.



ice cream


what we ended up having 
for both dinner AND 
dessert last night.

& it was so, so glorious.
we seriously could not 
get over how good it was.
isn't that funny? bacon &
ice cream. what a funny
the trick? make sure your
bacon is nice & crispy.
real crispy. & everything
will turn out all right.


  1. that's 2 of my 3 favorite foods together. love salty & sweet combo! love bacon! love ice cream!

  2. yes! i know, right?! so delicious :)



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